Features Summary

EKCCMS contains so many wonderful features, it's time-consuming to show them all. So if you're in a hurry, here's a quick summary of some of the "prettiest" features:

Articles module: This module is not only useful for admin users wanting to write blogs, but can also be used for user-contributed content. It includes article comment abilities that can be configured to either allow or restrict anonymous comments. (It also has security features to prevent spambots from auto-posting comments.)
Audio/Video module: Automatically embed media into your site (MP3's, MP4's, FLV's, etc.)
Contact Us Form: Allows users to send you email, and keeps your email address hidden.
Dynamic Content module: Allows you to embed content from other websites, including the option to automatically refresh the data every few seconds (without the user having to refresh the page). In techie-terms, this module is "AJAX For Dummies."
File Explorer module: Allows you to display an "Explorer" style section on your website. Useful for those who want to offer downloadable files to their users, but don't want to constantly update the website everytime the files change.
Google Map: Easily embed a Google map from any street address.
Image Gallery: A fully-featured image gallery that auto-generates thumbnails. Includes many features such as a larger preview for the currently selected image, lightbox popup, full-image link, auto-animated slideshow, and more!
Menu module: Our menu module literally has it all, and all menus are automatically generated. Menu styles include static links, horizontal or vertical Javascript menus, auto-generated menu buttons with mouse-over highlighting, and "breadcrumbs." Any menu can include the complete site map, or just the "child" sections of the current section. Like we said, it's got it all!
RSS Feed: Syndicate content from any RSS feed right onto your website.
Search module: Our Search module provides an "in-house" search through all of your site's content, including content created by other modules (such as Articles).
SQL Reporting
: We admit that this module is a bit "hi-tech" to configure (you must understand SQL). But it is a powerful tool for auto-generating spreadsheets and displaying graphs for any data you can obtain from a SQL statement. It is our bragging-right to say that this module has been used to generate reports and graphs for certain Fortune 500 executives for over five years.
Tabview control: A tabview control is useful to display a lot of information in very little screen real estate. Our tabview automatically "crunches" any section on your site into a self-contained block with clickable title tabs.
Twitter Feed module: Automatically embed your Twitter feed on your website ... all you need is your Twitter ID!
YouTube Video module: Automatically embed a YouTube video on your website ... all you need is the video ID!

See below for examples of some of these modules in action.

Built-In Audio/Video Content Player

Adding video content to your website has never been easier! Simply upload your favorite SWF or FLV video files to your videos directory, and then add a "Show Video" content module. The video below was added to this page using just 5 mouse clicks!

Concerned about your media playing on mobile devices? EKCCMS automatically detects mobile devices and uses HTML5 media tags for non-Flash devices such as iPads.

Google Maps Module

The EKCCMS Google Maps Module automatically generates an embedded Google map by simply setting the map address. You can setup a detailed street address, just the city/state, or even country name.

For more detailed control, you can precisely center your map by setting the LL, SPN, and Z values from a pre-generated Google map. If this sounds like Greek to you, don't worry! You only need to set the address to be up-and-running with an embedded map.

You can also easily define custom width and height values for the map, so there's nowhere your embedded map won't fit.

This map was configured to be 400x300 with an address of "Denver, CO".

View Larger Map

Ajax-Enabled RSS Content

The "Verse of the Day" and "Current Weather" content on this page comes from RSS feeds. This content is also flagged as "Auto refresh content," which causes Ajax calls to refresh the content in the "background." There are many benefits to this technique, primarly that your website doesn't have to wait on the RSS content to appear when loading. This makes your website ultra-fast, and also allows rapidly changing content (like stock tickers) to update without refreshing the page. And you don't even have to know how to spell "Ajax" to reap the benefits! Simply click a checkbox, and you're on your way. Finally!

Article Module for Blogging and News


Article Content Can Come From Anyone

Articles can be entered by any registered user group that you configure, and use a simplified configuration of the WYSIWYG editor.

Articles Can Be Anything

The Article Module can be used for anything from blog entries, news, recipes, technical help, FAQs, events...or whatever else your imagination can invent!

Optionally, articles can be expired either on a one-by-one basis, or by a global configuration option, so that once out-of-date material can "magically" disappear according to your preference!

Article Module Includes Built-In Pagination Links

For sites with large volumes of articles, built in pagination links make the user experience pleasant, and keep the page load time to a minimum!

Article Module Includes Built-In RSS Syndication

Notice the (RSS) link above? Every Article Module can is configured for automatic syndication by default. Of course, this option can be disabled, as well, by simply unchecking one little box!

Tabview Control

You can use a tabview control to fit a lot of information into a small spot! In this example, the content for this tabview control is linked to the Home section. This means that every content block on the home page automatically creates a tab in this tabview.

Tabviews can be linked to "hidden" sections, as well.

Same Content, Different View

Here is the same news from the demo page, only using a slightly different configuration with "More/Less" links. The size of the article preview is configurable so you can display as much or little of the article as desired. (This module is configured to show 50 characters of preview.) Also, notice that the More/Less links use dynamic HTML to prevent having to reload the page. Lovely!


More Article Module Includes Built-In RSS Syndication

Notice the ...More...

More Article Module Includes Built-In Pagination Links

For sites with large volumes of articles, built...More...

More Articles Can Be Anything

The Article Module can be used for ...More...

More Article Content Can Come From Anyone

Articles can be entered by any registered user ...More...

Built In Reporting With Dynamic Graphs

The SQL reporting module parses SQL statements--even complex statements with subselects--and auto-generates a sortable HTML table, a spreadsheet link, and a JPG graph.

The reporting interface is configurable to include/remove any or all of the controls. And there is also a "group by day, month, or year" dropdown box available that is not displayed here.

There are many configuration options for the graph in this module including Bar or Line types, graph and axis titles, and width and height.

Report Grouping:

Sql Data Anonymous 126 20190221113259.xls

Total Count

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Romans 13:9-10
Verse of the day “The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

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